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Habits that make your house more clean, organized

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If Marie Kondo’s Netflix show has enticed to you keep a cleaner and tidier home this year but you’re not sure where to start, try to implement these habits suggested by


1. Keep cleaning supplies near where you’re likely to use them. Having a spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner and a stack of cleaning cloths under the sink in all bathrooms and kitchen areas make it easier and more convenient to wipe up spills before they dry into a job that requires more elbow grease and time.


2. Clean as you cook. Something as simple as filling your sink with soapy water and sticking the pots, pans, utensils, and other cooking items in to soak while you eat can make a difference


3. Clean out your refrigerator every week. Trash day and right before you go grocery shopping are great times to rid your fridge of leftovers and expired foods before they rot and create lingering odors.




Easy recycling at home


If you want to change your recycling habits, try adopting these simple tips from the International Bottled Water Association:


Location: Place your recycling bin near your trash bin to make recycling fast and simple. It serves as a visual reminder when it’s right next to the garbage.


Caps included: Enjoy convenience drinks, empty them, replace the cap and recycle. Every part of a plastic water bottle can be recycled.


Set reminders: Set an alert on your phone so you remember to bring out the recycling on the designated day.


Reuse: Think about how you can reuse items, such as transforming an empty milk jug into a watering container for plants.


Buy recycled: Purchase goods made from recycled materials to support the ongoing life cycle of products.


Home longevity


Study: Homeowners in Northeast stay in homes the longest


LendingTree, an online loan marketplace, released a recent study on home tenure AKA where homeowners stay in their houses the longest. It analyzed data from America’s 50 largest cities and found the average homeowner stays in their house for about seven years. Home tenure was longest in the cities in the Northeast where home appreciate slower. The data suggested a link between higher housing turnover (which can drive prices upward) and faster price appreciation (which could tempt homeowners to sell sooner).


Energy efficiency


Tips for cutting back on water consumption


If you’re looking for ways to save money on your utilities, one place to start is water consumption. Four Seasons Plumbing, a North Carolina-based plumbing company, has some good tips for consumers. First, repair plumbing leaks as even a drop of leaking water can add up over time. Second, find ways to reuse water within your home. For example, did you know water used for cooking items such as pasta (once cooled) can be reused to water plants? If having a clean car exterior is a high priority, take your car to a car wash. Many commercial car washes recycle their water and often use less water than a home wash.