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Make a statement in a room through its ‘fifth wall’: The ceiling

By Kristina Orrego
Special to The Washington Post


What does the Sistine Chapel have in common with a house for a family of eight in Lutherville, Maryland? The ceilings in these spaces demand that you look up.


“Statement ceiling” is a term designers use to describe a ceiling that’s been given extra attention, sometimes even making it a focal point of a room. And Elizabeth Reich of Jenkins Baer Associates, an interior design company in Baltimore, said that “statement” can be anything a person wants it to be.


“The ceiling is a huge part of the overall impact on how you’re going to feel in the space,” she said. “There’s a lot of different ways you can make it stand out and give the space a lot more character.”


Reich recently posted an Instagram photo of an ornate ceiling at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. In the picture, a wooden staircase winds around a light-blue stained-glass statement ceiling.


“That was just a gorgeous feeling in the stairwell,” she said. “Historically, when they built these, they paid a lot of attention to those kinds of architectural details, and they had these amazing craftsmen who turned your plain ceiling into a masterpiece.”


Although what Reich saw in the museum isn’t realistic to replicate in the average home, she believes ceilings in