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Debbie TRAVIS - King Features Syndicate


Dear Debbie: We live on the fifth floor of a condo and have been receiving complaints from our neighbors below us that they hear “every step we take.” Our suite has beautiful hardwood floors that were here when we bought the place, and we don’t want to cover them up. What would you do? — Henri


Dear Henri: When you live in an apartment or condo, or any living space that is attached to another, you can expect to hear your neighbors. Sounds travel, especially if there is little or no proper insulation and/ or soundproofing barriers in place. However, there’s a limit to how much noise you should be making or putting up with. New builds generally lay down wall-to-wall carpeting throughout. Put down over a subfloor, this is more economical than applying wood or laminate floors or tiles. Carpeting does a good job of muffling footsteps and dropped items. However, the trend back to bare floors has been growing for the past decade. Even though most condo bylaws insist on a percentage of your living space being covered with carpeting, it’s not always being enforced. And following the “bare floor” trend appears to be the popular option when renovation time rolls around.


It is a challenge, but an easy fix. Once you realize that you are causing undo discomfort to those who live below or beside you, start by softening your footsteps. Wear socks, soft-soled slippers or bare feet when you are inside. Hard-soled shoes, especially high heels, are not