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Bomze Jay S Laurie C, 1512 Merino Cir NE, $285,000.
Lautensleger, Eric M Sternberg, Elizabeth R from Long, Kenneth R, 1665 Par Four Cir SE, $338,000.

Nimishillen Township
Benchmark Properties Of Ohio Ltd from Fnb Properties Company Inc, 7721 Lakefield St., $60,000.
Dostal, Brittany D Dostal, John B from Sluss, Patrick R, Beech St. NE, $102,500.
Hughes, Amanda Hughes, Donald Thomas from Mihal, Jenna M Ware, Shane, 5056 Meese Road, $129,000.
Wilkinson, Douglas S Wilkinson, Erika J from Crum, Casey R Crum, Elizabeth K, 9734 Sommerville St., $149,900.

North Canton
Watts, Gregory W from Fashbaugh Edward M Ii Amy, 339 Donner Ave. NW, $195,000.

Osnaburg Township
Krider, Brenna L Krider, Steven A from Wheeler Michael L shelley M Wheeler, Michael L Wheeler, Shelley M, Lincoln St. SE, $108,000.
Dayton , Penny Jean Dayton, Douglas C from Williams, Susan I, 5626 Westfall St. SE, $118,000.
Maroni, Goldie Maroni, Nicholas from Roth, Kathy Lynn Yahner, Lori Jean, 1536 Neimans Ave. SE, $195,000.
Willoughby, Taylor E Wolf, Robert from Schmidt, Emily N Schmidt, Jonathan E, 7970 Valleybrook St. SE, $218,000.

Paris Township
Gallina, Adam L from Gallina, Shelley D, 15800 Freed St. SE, $100,000.
Thomas, Dorothy from Elliott Patsy M, 1045 Morningside Road SE, $153,000.

Perry Township
Tissot, Christopher J Tissot, Vicki Ellen from Evangelista, Silvia, 1619 Woodlawn Ave. NW, $97,826.
Bowling, Guy D from Gerberry Shirley J Trustee Of The Lowell B Bowling Living Trust, 651 Genoa Ave. NW, $130,000.
Coley, Erin Shortt, Joshua from Lambes, Brian Miller, Tara, 6070 Skylark St. SW, $135,900.
Doane, Cynthia A from Morris Jennifer L, 921 Bellarbor Ave. NW, $147,350.
Otomewo, Emmanuel B from Capuano, Dante J Capuano, Erica E, 709 Meadowridge Ave. NW, $158,000.
Martin, Trisha Martin, Tyler from Lasorella, Alaina L Lasorella, Stevan A, 2344 Mary Lou St. NW, $164,900.
Hallett, Amy J Hallett, Michael W from Zaranec, Charles Jr Zaranec, Stacey, 5954 Wentworth Road SW, $227,000.

Pike Township
Risner, Clay from Mullet, Cristen, 7901 East Sparta Ave., $162,000.
Risner, Clay from Mullet, Cristen, East Sparta Ave. SE, $162,000.

Plain Township
Campian, Stephen A Campian, Tracey L from Global Real Estate Solutions Llc, 3020 Bollinger Ave. NE, $29,900.
Mickay Investments Llc from Gatts, Marjorie E Gatts, Ronald F, 1422 Easton St. NE, $80,000.
Nvr Inc Dba Ryan Homes from Wicker Creek North Llc, 7894 Knollridge Ave. NE, $46,000.
Nvr In A Virginia Corporation Dby Ryan Homes from Ohio Base 2 Llc, 3215 Suffolk St. NW, $55,000.
Makedew Properties Group Llc from Honold David L Trustee Of The Theodore Christian Honold Living Trust, 3704 Kaiser Ave. NE, $102,000.
Lanning, Kenneth W from Bender, Jean, 1838 Harbour Cir Nw #14b, $105,500.
Riggle, Denny E from Prather, Penny J, 3430 Beverly Ave. NE, $110,000.
Nagle, Shaun from Country Cottage Homes Llc, 2710 Depot St. NE, $130,000.
Ocheltree, Shirley Stump, Florence from Lovell, Sharon L, 6533 Woodell Ave. NE, $135,000.
Heid, Jason Riley, Megan C from Storch, Devin T, 3838 22nd St. NW, $154,900.
Hammond, Christopher L Zerbe, Sara from Breda, Chelsea Breda, Jason J, 7757 Knollridge Ave. NE, $254,000.

Sandy Township
Mckinney, Brenda A Mckinney, Hobert F from Columbia Gas Co Of Ohio Inc, Canal St., $10,200.
Stratosphere Investments Llc from Sickafoose, Robert J, 143 Plum St. N, $102,000.
Stratosphere Investments Llc from Sickafoose, Robert J, 211 E Lisbon St., $102,000.

Tuscarawas Township
Nauer, Bryan F from Orlando, Aleis Orlando, Allyn, 1003 Highlander St. SW, $105,000.
Jones, Brittney L Zurinsky, John D from Tabellion Neal A, 1863 Manchester Ave. SW, $160,000.

Washington Township
Botanical Garden Association Inc from Linerode, Louella F, 11855 Beech St. NE, $155,000.