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Country vibes
By Debbie Travis

Dear Debbie: We are refinishing some furniture for our large wrap-around porch. There are two tables, one for each end, and wood and wicker chairs we found at a flea market to go with them. I want a real country vibe. Thanks for your fun ideas. — Mackenzie

Dear Mackenzie: How wonderful to be thinking about sitting outside again. As spring approaches our energy revs up and it’s great to have a project or two to prepare for the season. Revitalizing furniture is one of my favorite pastimes. Seeking out tables, chairs, old chests and other stuff that has been sent to secondhand shops and roadside sales is an adventure; there are abandoned treasures out there waiting to be reborn. And when I get my sad-looking finds home and clean them up, inspiration for a redo often comes in a can or two of paint.

Here are two different styles that I have produced, both worthy of a sunny country verandah. For one, I got my inspiration from those beautiful tiled tables seen in the south of France. I stamped the shapes and colors of Provencal tiles onto a light-gray base coat using pieces cut from kitchen sponges. For pattern ideas look in your local library or check the internet under “mosaics” and/or “French country style.” Draw your pattern lightly on the tabletop over the dry base coat. (The gray represents the grout that will show around your stamped tiles.) Cut out tile shapes to fit your design: large and small squares, rectangles and triangles. Make the shapes a little smaller than what shows on your pattern so you will leave grout space around each tile. To fill in the design, dampen a sponge tile stamp, dip one side into the paint, dab