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off the excess on a piece of paper towel and press it into place. The impressions don’t have to be perfect, as they represent old, worn tiles. Complete your pattern leaving spaces between the tiles that represent the grout lines. Begin with the border, and when complete fill in the center. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours, then erase any pencil marks and apply two or three coats of varnish for protection.

I found an old table at a country fair and knew it would make a perfect addition to a kitchen or patio. After giving the table a cleaning and light sanding, I revived the beautiful wood with an oak stain.Then, to add country charm, I painted a white tablecloth over the dark wood. To make the painted cloth, mask off a diamond design on the tabletop. To add an authentic touch, have the points of the cloth hang over the table edge. Prime and paint the cloth with white paint and let dry for at least four hours. Tape off two thin lines around the tablecloth pattern and fill in with blue paint. Remove the tape carefully, pulling in on the wet blue paint to avoid smudges. Let dry completely.

We will leave the chairs for another day. So many ideas! Enjoy your spring projects.

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