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...type of legislation to help younger generations save for a piece of the American dream.

Parents or loved ones can even open an account for their children or family members. The “2019 Bank of Mom and Dad” report by Legal & General America states that friends and family give or lend on average $39,000 to each member of the younger generation to help them purchase their first home. This makes the Bank of Mom and Dad a top 10 mortgage lender supporting the purchase of 1.2 million homes or $317 billion in real estate. Many times, they give these funds at a detriment to their own financial stability.

Ohio Realtors understand that home ownership strengthens our communities, helps build generational wealth and stimulates our local and state economies. The legislation is modeled after eight states with this type of tax-free savings. Be sure to reach out to your local state assembly members to show support for Ohio Senate Bill 139, your voice will be heard, and your support will help our citizens make home ownership a reality for all generations.

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