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Get your house ready for fall

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Although the cooler months of the fall season might seem like distant thought as we go about our live’s during the dog days of summer. it won’t be long before the leaves are turing color and we are enjoying the cooler weather. As we adjust to the new season, now is a good time to get your home prepared for the fall as well. Here are a few tips to get your house ready for fall, according to


Bedding: Take out down comforters, cotton sheets, knits and shake them out. Be sure to wash bedding items and store ethic in a convenient closet for easy access on chilly nights.


Fireplace/chimney: Schedule a chimney cleaning to avoid chimney fires when you go to start the first fire of the season. For the fireplace, you can use a homemade or store-bought cleaner to scrub the fireplace down.


Stock up on firewood: Starting a wood pile now will save you the time and trouble as the temperatures cool down. You can make a firewood rack or buy one to place in a convenient location to carry the wood inside when needed.


Furnace/Boiler: Whether your house has a furnace or boiler, get it inspected to make sure things will run smoothly when