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Safety Tips for sellers

By Joey Marino
President Stark County Association of Realtors


When selling a home, sellers often have many questions running through their mind. Many of those questions are regarding topics such as interviewing Realtors, how to price their home, how long it will take to sell, how much it will cost, etc. One topic you may not think about when selling your home is what safety tips you should follow. It’s important to practice safety tips to protect yourselves and your property when selling your home. Since September is Safety Month and your local Realtors take safety seriously, here are some safety tips you can follow when your house is listed for sale.


Prescription Drugs: Remove or Lock Them Up Prior to Showing


A growing number of real estate professionals throughout the country are reporting theft of prescription drugs from sellers’ home during open houses. As a seller, you should remove all prescription drugs from your home prior to any showings or open houses. You should also make sure to properly dispose of any expired medications.


Stow Away Valuables


Valuables include everything from the mail left on the countertops to such items as jewelry, artwork, cellphones and gaming systems. Your REALTOR® can also make sure valuables such as a coin collection, wine cellar or valuable equipment are not photographed for the listing photos.


Be Lockbox Savvy


Ask your Realtor to use an electronic lockbox that only another Realtor can open. If they insist on using a combination lockbox, ask them to set a new code or take other measures to ensure access is only granted for those intended.


Make a House Safe for the Buyers and the Realtor Turn on the lights prior to