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Five fall home maintenance tips

By Doug Dentler
President Building Industry Association of
Stark & East Central Ohio


Regular home maintenance can save you money and keep your home looking sharp year-round. You don’t have to wait for spring cleaning season. Inspecting and cleaning your home during the fall makes any household repair easier to manage. Tackle these easy fall maintenance projects to keep your home comfortable and running smoothly inside and out.


Take Care of Your Trees. Trees turn dormant closer to winter time. Now is the best time to prune, not plant, trees in your yard. Remove dead tree limbs. This time of year, your trees are less susceptible to disease and you can avoid falling limbs during a winter storm. You can identify dead limbs if the leaf color changes earlier than expected or if your tree needles start turning brown.


Carefully Examine Your Home Exterior. Once winter hits it will be difficult to repair any outdoor stairs or railing. Make sure your outdoor steps are in good condition to handle any snow or ice. Securing stairways also makes it easy to shovel off snow. Look for general wear and tear around your window frames and doors. If needed, add weather-stripping to keep warm air in and cooler air out during the winter months.


Check Up on Heating Systems. Replace