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your furnace filter for optimal usage of your heating system during the winter months. A qualified heating professional can inspect your home ducts and heating equipment to prolong the life of your system. If you have a fireplace or chimney, schedule an annual cleaning to prevent chimney fires.


Minimize Winter Water Woes. Pipes freeze or burst during winter. Make sure you know how to locate the water shut-off valve in your home in the event of a deep freeze. Insulate your outdoor pipes and don’t forget to drain outdoor water hoses and store them in a dry place to increase their longevity. Since it is unlikely you will use your outdoor sprinklers during the winter months, drain them or turn them off to prevent damage to your system.


Clean Gutters and Downpours. Debris, leaves and other twigs clog up your gutters and downpours. Without a regular clean up, your home is susceptible to interior or exterior water damage. Another potential risk from unkept gutters are pest infestations. Look carefully at your gutter debris. If you notice grit from the asphalt roof shingles on your home, it may be a sign of roof damage.


For more home maintenance tips to tackle this fall, contact the BIA at 330-494-5700 or visit for a list of qualified companies.