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echo the geometric play. This is a restful room that champions the linear aesthetic.


Another option is to introduce your love of stripes with painted furniture — a tabletop, wooden chair backs, lampshades. Why not start with striped pillows and a blanket and see where it takes you?


Dear Debbie: We are doing some painting at our cottage before we close it up for the winter. My partner thinks it’s OK to buy the most inexpensive paint since we only use the cottage in the summer. What is your view? — Martina


Dear Martina: No matter what the project, I recommend purchasing the best paint you can afford. You do get what you pay for. High quality paint is more durable, lasts longer, covers better and is easier to work with. Ask why the paint is on sale. If it is end of line or has already been colored but is a good quality and suits your taste, then you can save. If you are applying a whitewash rather than a solid coat of paint, you can use an inexpensive paint. Mix one part white paint with two parts water. Brush it on the wood in the direction of the grain. It will brighten the surface while still showing the wood grain.


September is generally a good month to paint, as the days are cooler and the humidity is low. For exterior paint jobs, time your work when it’s been dry for a few days so that surfaces are not holding moisture. Otherwise the paint will peel. If possible, avoid painting when the sun is shining directly onto your surface.


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