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Protect your home from rodents this fall

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The experts at Terminix have some tips that can help protect your home from rodents.


Block possible points of entry: Be aware of holes or cracks in the exterior of your home.


Trim trees and move debris away from your home: Tree limbs that touch your house can provide an easy access point for rodents. You should also keep stacks of firewood or piles of debris away from your home.


Protect food from hungry rodents: Keep unpackaged food — even pet food — in airtight containers so rats won't smell it. Avoid leaving unsealed food sitting out.


Properly dispose of waste and compost: Keep outdoor trash cans properly closed and away from your home. Keep compost piles far from the home's exterior.


Call in the experts: Pest control professionals can determine the best way to set up a strong defense and get rid of any