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SAFETY - A Halloween trick-or-treat safety tip

Hire a contractor or handyman to fix the problem before your guests arrive.


#6 Use Friction Tape on Steps


Steps can get slippery in damp weather. Prepare by applying friction tape ($16 for a 60-foot roll of 1-inch-wide tape) to steps. If your neighborhood is at risk for an early freeze, stock up on ice melt, too ($20 for a 50-pound bag).


A related Halloween trick-or-treat safety tip: Clear your walk, steps, and stoop of any obstructions like potted plants – and even jack-o’-lanterns. Move them where no one can accidentally stumble on them.


#7 Clear the Curb — It's the Most Important Trick-or-Treat Safety Tip


Here’s a scary statistic: Four times as many child pedestrians are killed on Halloween night than a normal night. Of all the trick-or-treat safety guidelines, this one could be the most important.


Reduce risks to little pedestrians by clearing parked cars from the curb for better visibility and placing a reflective “Watch for Children” sign at the edge of the road. On busy streets, consider having adults take turns maintaining safety in the street with a hand-held traffic control light.


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