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Tips for hiring a local lawn service



Spring is right around the corner and that means it’s time to haul the lawn mower out of the garage each and every week for your weekly landscaping chores. Wait, maybe not this year. Maybe this is the year that you finally hire a lawn service to take care of that grass for you. Then you can spend that time barbecuing with your family, catching a movie or finishing up some other chores that you’ve been wanting to do.


If the idea of handing over the mowing responsibilities to someone else sounds exciting, here are some tips on finding the right lawn care service for you.


1. Use an app


Finding the right lawn care company may be as simple as using an app. “All you have to do is put in what you want done – for example, mowing your lawn twice a month – and local lawn companies bid on your job,” says Nathan Fink, owner of MW Mowing in Nashville. “You hire them, the job gets done and that’s it.”


Fink recommends using an app such as Plowz and Mowz, Greenpal and Takl. “Most check out the services that sign up and make sure they are legit and have insurance,” he said. Some apps require that the lawn care company send you a photo when they are finished.


2. Ask a neighbor


If you don’t want to use an app or if the apps do not service your area, then ask your friends or neighbors who they use. “We like when our clients are all in the same area, so you might even get a good price because it helps the company,” Fink says.


The National Association of Landscape Professionals also offers a directory of landscape professionals in your area.


3. Find a full-service company


“Hire a company that offers other gardening services besides lawn mowing and care,” says Pol Bishop, a gardening and landscaping expert with Fantastic Gardeners, which is part of Fantastic Services, an international company with branches operating in the U.S. “They’d have more knowledge on maintenance, different types of turf and what kind of care they need.”


If it’s a company that specializes only in lawn care and mowing, that is all that they will be able to do for you, so if you need other work done, such as pruning trees, you will need to hire someone else. “Tree surgery requires a different type of knowledge and equipment, so it’s better to look for a company that offers a wide range of gardening services besides lawn care,” Bishop says.


4. Look for certification and insurance


Lawn care certificates vary by state and you can find out your state’s requirements by visiting their Department of Agriculture website. “Companies that offer lawn care and gardening services must have a pesticide application certification, must be certified by the National Association of Landscape Professionals and have a certificate they are qualified to perform any type of gardening service they offer,” Bishop says.


Every company must ensure the safety of its employees, make sure the company has workers compensation and liability insurance. “If they are mowing and hit a rock and something happens they need to be covered,” said Fink.