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Bathroom vanities for every taste
The vanity is a crucial component of every bathroom. It’s where you wash your hands, brush your teeth and get ready for each day. It’s also where you store toiletries, toilet paper and cleaning products. If you want to purchase the ideal vanity, read on!

Here are some factors to consider:
• Ground support (directly on the floor or on feet)
• The shape and position of the sink
(rectangular, circular, oval, semicircular, encased, on top, fitted underneath)
• The material and finish of the bottom section (wood, melamine, glass)
• The style (Scandinavian, classic, modern, retro)
• The material of the sink and Bathroom vanities for every taste counter
(tempered glass, marble, porcelain)
• The size (width, height, depth, one or two sinks)
• The doors and drawers (configuration, opening mechanisms, handles)
• The faucets (simple or double, made of stainless steel, brass or nickel)

Pay a visit to the numerous stores in your region to discover myriad magnificent vanities for every style and budget. If you can’t find a model that fits perfectly in your bathroom, why not have one custom-made? Lastly, remember that it’s always preferable to have a plumbing professional install your vanity.