Main Street Waterbury
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Design Committee
Anabela Maia
Design Committee Chair
Main Street Waterbury

The Design Committee’s mission and vision is to visually enhance the appearance of downtown so that it is perceived as clean, safe and friendly while preserving its historic appeal.

Through the support of business owners, building owners, local citizens, government officials, its departments and volunteers, we are so excited at all we’ve accomplished and continue to do so in improving the downtown area. Below is snapshot of some more recent initiatives. As always, we are looking to add more volunteers to help us make a change and impact in our local downtown community. Our committee meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm at the Waterbury Chamber offices on 83 Bank St. Waterbury.


If you’ve been into downtown lately, you may have noticed that many of the parking meter poles have been permanently removed. Our committee undertook this initiative to work with the city to identify the locations in the downtown area that needed addressing.

After several ideas on what we could do with them, the decision was made to remove them all together. While the nostalgic days of individual metered parking are gone – we just love the new clean look – and the advancement of technology with parking stations.


Have you noticed some new signs and bright awnings on Grand Street or Bank Street? As part of the Sign & Awning program and with funds from the Waterbury Development Corporation, an application process with specific criteria was established and we’ve worked with several business and building owners to help offset the cost of this investment.


It’s hard to believe but thousands of people come in to the downtown area on a daily and monthly basis, and with that comes litter. It’s everywhere, not just in our downtown and its each of our responsibilities to ensure that we bring out or dispose of what we bring in (like the sign you can find at the entrance of Hop Brook Lake Park). Well into our 6th year, the Golden Broom Award recognizes downtown business owners who keep the sidewalk area in front of their businesses “clean and neat, out to the street.” Recipients are awarded a certificate and acknowledged quarterly in the Waterbury- Republican newspaper. Take a closer look next time you’re in downtown, and if you see something that you can pick up and throw out, please do your part and help us all keep downtown clean.


Our Bike Rack program with whimsical, colorful bike racks have been strategically located throughout the downtown area and look for more to pop up! Local businesses also have the opportunity to sponsor a bike rack, contact us for more information.


And we’d be remiss, if we didn’t talk about the holidays in June! If you haven’t voted in the past, you are missing out on catching some incredible New York inspired holiday decorated windows. This past December, we had a record number of businesses participating and they definitely know how to crank it up a notch. We’ve inspired businesses to use social media to promote votes (votes can be texted in or the tried and true paper vote still works!)

On a cold winter December day, you can catch the judges strolling through downtown with clipboard in hand, excitement in the air with much anticipation of which business will walk away with Best Overall, Best Creative and oh, so much more!


Looking ahead, there is a lot blooming downtown and you can expect us to continue to deliver and execute on programs that contribute to a clean, safe and friendly downtown.

Don’t forget to look for the blooming trees and the available business space for lease with our Blooming Downtown Storefront initiative. It’s guaranteed to add a splash of vibrant colors this year!