Main Street Waterbury
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Waterbury’s Youth Benefit New Officers
By Chief of Police
Vernon l. Riddick Jr.
Waterbury Police Department

The Waterbury Police Department enjoys an excellent relationship with the Waterbury community. One of our valued partners is Main Street Waterbury who greatly assists us in our eff orts to keep downtown clean, safe, and consumer friendly. As part of our community policing eff orts, from August 2017 through April 2018, our officers conducted approximately 1,500 visits to the various downtown businesses and agencies. These visits provide opportunities for open discourse, exchange of ideas, which creates fertile ground for problem solving.

I am very happy to announce that twenty new police officers completed the police academy and field training, and hit the streets in April of this year. They were assigned to the patrol division and have been deployed throughout the various sectors of the city which has allowed us the opportunity to enhance our police presence downtown. Moreover, we are currently in the process of hiring an additional thirty police offi cers. With the assistance of Human Resources and the Mayor's Offi ce, we are working feverishly to begin another police academy in July or August of 2018. The academy will run for six months and upon graduation, the new offi cers will commence on ten weeks of fi eld training with senior offi cers. Once the new officers have successfully completed their fi eld training, they will further augment our eff orts to increase walking beats and specialized units such as community relations.

Our Police Activities League program continues to provide our youth with viable and productive options to occupy their time. We have partnered with the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association and the Channel 3 Kids Camp to provide 25 Waterbury youths with the oppo1tunity to spend a week at camp in Andover, CT. Our youth will participate in archery, hiking, rocking climbing, and many other activities that they might not normally have an opportunity to be exposed to.

Our police department will continue to leverage technology and maintain our collaborations with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to create a force multiplier to combat any illegal activity that may occur in our city. Our initiatives, proactive policing strategies, and community support resulted in Part I crime decreasing five percent in calendar year 2017. Our directed patrols will be increased to battle quality of life issues such as blight, panhandling, and disorderly conduct. Lastly, we shall continue our eff orts to fully implement department wide community policing and interacting with the citizenry in a professional and courteous manner.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you.