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400 Post University Associates Moving Downtown
Shawn Whisenhant, Director of Corporate Partnership Post University

In a nod to its origins as a one building schoolroom in downtown Waterbury, the University will create a state-of-the-art Online Education Hub in the former Howland-Hughes building on Bank Street.

Some 400 Post University professionals will be moving into the space by early 2019, with as many as 200 more expected to follow over the next few years, fueling additional downtown growth.

According to Post University CEO John L. Hopkins, “We are exponentially increasing our student-support system technologies and learning management systems to provide our students the most extraordinary and personalized learning experience possible, wherever they happen to be in the world.”

“We’re about to change the face of online education,” he adds.

The move to downtown Waterbury is much more than just a shifting of offices from Cross Roads in Middlebury to downtown. It’s a reinforcement of Post’s commitment to the City of Waterbury and a connection between the University’s 128-year history of excellence in education to its future as it evolves as an innovator in the education sector.

As Hopkins points out, “We care about the City, our own legacy and our history with downtown. We hope this move will further the transformation the area is undergoing and bring in new business for a host of downtown establishments.”

According to University officials, they believe moving hundreds of professional associates to downtown will add a sense of vibrancy to Waterbury, making the area more appealing to others.

“We are definitely interested in developing new partnerships with downtown Waterbury businesses,” notes Shawn Whisenhant, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Post University. “We hope the downtown Online Education Hub will spur several exciting partnerships with our soon-to-be neighbors.”

Post recognizes that each organization or business has unique needs, so it custom-designs its learning programs to address specific outcomes. The University’s realworld based, customizable degree programs go beyond the usual “onesize fits all” offerings of most other training institutions.

Post’s custom-designed employee courses range from Leadership Development and Time Management Enhancements, to Workplace Ethics and Professional Communication Skills.

Programs are designed to show good employees and companies how to get even more extraordinary results.

“When employees are more successful, businesses are as well,” Whisenhant says.

Not only do Post University Corporate Partnerships provide customized career services with easy connections for employees of companies and organizations, they provide many additional benefits as well. Benefits that include special reduced tuitions… not just for employees, but their immediate family members as well, personalized attention, credit for prior learning or work/ life experiences, flexible learning environments, and programs that offer optimal learning with multiple electives or concentrations.

“Whether they enroll on their own, seeking additional academic credentials, or come to us through a corporate partnership, every student has different circumstances, aspirations and challenges that require individualized, personalized solutions,” Hopkins notes.

“Across every member of our student body, Post Makes It Personal™ is much more than just a tagline or motto, it’s a cultural commitment that’s manifest in every aspect of our learning experience. It’s who and what we are.”

Personalized educational opportunities for employees that are customized to each business’ needs – win-win situations in every way.

To learn about partnership opportunities, contact Shawn Whisenhant, Director of Corporate Partnerships, at 203.591.7143 or