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by 72 hours of work-based learning placements to provide industry-recognized credentials and prepare job seekers for entry-level positions. This program strengthens the students’ link to employers and mitigates hiring risks, while providing “learn and earn” opportunities as a critical step to full-time employment.


Diversifying Connecticut’s Talent Pipeline


Recognizing the shortage of women and under-represented populations that are currently working in manufacturing, CCAT has developed programs targeted to women and young adults. Many urban young adults are struggling to earn a living wage, while manufacturers are struggling to attract skilled labor — both for a growing number of positions and to replenish a workforce from which baby boomers are retiring at a rapid pace.


CCAT’s Career Nexus program is a highly specialized, industry job-specific, demand-driven program that provides employers with pre-qualified applicants through a comprehensive assessment for basic and technical skills, pre-qualification and ranking process. CCAT maintains a comprehensive database of entry-level candidates and offers career navigator services to facilitate placements and employee retention. CCAT works to find highly motivated individuals with a focus on applicants from under-served groups, including women, young adults, people of color, and the under-employed.


These pipeline and entry-level programs are critical to helping manufacturing companies meet their current needs and prepare for their future growth, especially as technologies continue to evolve.


Applying Innovative Technologies


As part of CCAT’s commitment to strengthen manufacturing and technology businesses and help them thrive, it leads efforts working with companies in aerospace, maritime, medical and automotive industries and uses innovative technologies to help them solve their problems. CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) is a world-class facility known for precision machining, additive manufacturing and 3-D printing, inspection innovations, reverse engineering and composite technologies. With the AMC’s team of experts and network of machining and software companies, CCAT offers a broad expanse of capabilities to evaluate technologies and process improvements.


CCAT also offers advanced technology workshops that showcase leading-edge machines, tooling, and software through hands-on demonstrations at the Advanced Manufacturing Center and Composite Center of Excellence. These workshops are designed by industry- experts and held throughout the year, providing opportunities to learn innovative ways to increase productivity, ensure quality and make product improvements. Topics focus on additive manufacturing, scanning technology and inspection, and composite machining.


Understanding the future of manufacturing is critical to serving our customers.


You’ll find CCAT’s team of experts ready to work with all types of clients in order to tackle challenges and turn ideas into reality.