Summer Life
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When and Where of Birding continued
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Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison
The state’s beachfront state parks are overrun with bathers in summer, but they’re concentrated at areas with beach access through bathhouse pavilions. Hammonasset, the best coastal birding location in the state, offers extensive marshland habitat that attracts sandpipers, plovers and other shorebirds that begin their southbound migration in July. Herons, egrets and ibises wandering in from the south also increase at this time.

Remaining good for breeding birds are White Memorial, Mohawk Mountain and Bent of the River.

At Hammonasset, the pace of shorebird and wader arrivals increases and some land bird migrants begin to appear. White Memorial’s diverse habitats continue to produce, and Little Pond now attracts shorebirds and occasional egrets.

Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven is the best place to see daytime migrating birds, with an emphasis on hawks, ospreys and bald eagles. Large numbers of land birds also pass through in the first few hours of the morning.

Hammonasset and and White Memorial remain good, as they are every month throughout the year.