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The Fight Against Cyber Criminals
Spam. Phishing. Scam telemarketing texts or emails. We see countless examples of these each day via our home and work computers, smart phones and tablets.

They originate from cyber criminals trying to obtain personal and sensitive information to scam us out of our money and compromise our privacy.

Similarly, Connecticut-based businesses are dealing with significant security challenges of their own — often with much more serious consequences.

“...managing cyber risks can provide a competitive advantage for Connecticut businesses, a more secure living environment
for Conecticut residents and better stewardship of information
and services by Connecticut and local governments...”

Connecticut Cybersecurity Strategy, 2017

“This is particularly critical for our customers and nonprofit partners. We support hundreds of manufacturers; cyberattacks these days go beyond simple email hacks,” said Tom Maloney, chief technology officer for Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT). “They can hack something like a digital file that contains critical information for a part that is installed in a car or airplane. For example, a part that does not pass quality inspection can be made to look as if it is a good quality part — and it ends up being installed on a car or a plane. We’re talking about a potentially dangerous situation.”

CCAT was created in 2004 to support initiatives for small- and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits around manufacturing & technology, education & workforce, and energy. CCAT also has a growing Information Technology team with a track record of success in fields such as health care, the aerospace supply chain and municipal government.

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