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Hundreds of Fuel Cells Worldwide
Worldwide, the company has installed hundreds of fuel cell units totaling 110 megawatts of electricity-producing capacity, Coskun said. Its largest project is a 30.8-megawatt installation in Busan, South Korea, called the Busan Green Energy Project, carried out in partnership with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power. The endeavor, which became operational in February, consists of 70 PureCell Model 400 fuel cells capable of powering 71,500 Korean homes.

To date, Doosan Fuel Cell America said it has a total of 105 fuel cells installed throughout Korea, producing 45 megawatts of electricity per year. That is in great part due to the country’s renewable portfolio standards forcing the use of fuel cells for producing electricity, Coskun said. “It’s a huge market,” he said.

Doosan Corp. also owns five other companies whose products include hydraulic equipment, forklifts, bio-materials and information systems. It is a subsidiary of Doosan Group, a South Korean conglomerate with two other divisions having several companies each serving the infrastructure support and consumer and service sectors.

One of its most well-known brands is Bobcat, a manufacturer of compact excavation equipment founded in North Dakota in 1947 and bought by Doosan in 2007.

Publicly traded Doosan Group, South Korea’s oldest company and one of its largest, employs 42,000 workers in 38 countries — including 3,000 in the U.S. — and has $17 billion in annual revenues.