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Smaller Manufacturing Association of CT Inc Member Directory
A.N. Designs, Inc.
Acolyte Technologies Corporation
Albea Metal Americas, Inc.
Albert Bros., Inc.
Alderman-Dow Iron & Metal Co. Inc.
Alloy Engineering Co. Inc
Alpine Power Systems
Altek Electronics
Anomatic Corporation CT
Architectural Building Services GC, LLC
Atlantic Steel & Processing, LLC
Bead Industries
Berlin Metals LLC
Bridgeport Fittings
Cadi Company
Century Spring Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Click Bond, LLC
Clifford Metal
Cly-Del Manufacturing Company
Coilplus Connecticut, Inc.
Compumachine Continental Scrap Metal, LLC
DCG Precision Manufacturing
Demsey Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Draher Machine Company
Duralite, Inc.
E & E Tool Mfg. Co. Inc.
ECI Screen Print, Inc.
Edson Manufacturing
Erickson Metals Corporation
Eyelet Crafters, Inc.
Eyelet Design Inc.
Fascia's Chocolates Inc.
Feroleto Steel Company, Inc.
FJC Services, LLC
Fourslide Spring & Stamping, Inc.
G & R Manufacturing, Inc.
Gemco Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Global Machine Brokers, LLC
Goldenrod Corporation
H&T Waterbury, Inc.
Hartford Wire Works
Hayden Machinery LLC
HDB Inc. dba The Homer D. Bronson Co.
Hubbard-Hall, Inc.
Hylie Products, Inc.
Industrial Riggers, Inc.
J & J Precision Eyelet, Inc.
JENFAB-Jensen Fabricators
Jo-Vek Tool and Die
Joma, Inc.
Karotech, Inc.
Lou-Jan Tool & Die, Inc.
Lyons Slitting, Inc.
Marion Manufacturing Marjan, Inc.
Mattatuck Industrial Scrap
Metal Metallon, Inc.
Microtech, Inc.
Modern Metal Finishing, Inc.
MS Design
Nasco Inc.
National Die Company
Noujaim Tool Co., Inc.
Palladin Precision Products, Inc.
Penmar Industries, Inc.
Platt Bros. & Co.
Precision Dip Coating, LLC
Prospect Industries
Prospect Machine Products, Inc.
R C Bigelow, Inc.
Ramdy Corporation
Reliable Silver Corporation
Reliable Spring & Stamping LLC
Rolled Metal Products
Royal Screw Machine Products Co.
Samson Machine Inc.
Sandur Tool Company
Sarracco Mechanical Services, Inc.
Scales Industrial Technologies
Seidel, Inc.
Solla Eyelet Products
Somers Thin Strip
Somma Tool Company, Inc.
Southington Tool & Manufacturing Corporation
Stevens Company, Inc.
Stewart EFI
Summit Corporation
TD Fabrication LLC
The Carby Corporation
Theis Precision Steel USA
Thermo Conductor Services, Inc.
Traver IDC
Triple Stitch Sportswear
Ulbrich Stainless Steel
UniMetal Surface Finishing, LLC
Utitec, Inc.
Waterbury Screw Machine Products Company
Waterbury Swiss Automatics, Inc.

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