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Connecticut Manufacturing...It's not what you think
Here are some highlights from a 2017 survey of manufacturing conducted by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, in partnership with the NSF Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing and Connecticut State Colleges and Universities.

- Connecticut is home to 4,011 manufacturing firms that employ 159,000 workers, or 9.5% of all non-farm jobs in the state

- Manufacturing workers in the state average over $1,800 weekly, average starting salaries ranged from $29,000 to $66,000 per year

- Manufacturers add $42.7 billion to CT’s gross state product (2016)

In a 2017 survey, Connecticut manufacturers indicated they are having the most difficulty filling the following positions:

• CNC Programmers
• Engineers
• CNC Machinists
• CAD/CAM Technicians
• Machinists
• Electrical/Electronic Technicians

The survey said that 75% of CT manufacturers hire workers from the state technical schools, while 67% hire from the state’s community college certificate programs, and 52% hire from community college associate degree programs.

With 98% of respondents saying they expect to hire full-time employees by the end of 2019, manufacturing offers a great opportunity for a fullfilling and rewarding career.

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